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Frequently Asked Questions


Should I have my HVAC system serviced?

Yes, by keeping your system serviced yearly, it will ensure future breakdowns. Our technicians conduct a thorough inspection and cleaning of every inch of your heating and cooling system. By getting it maintained regularly, this will keep your HVAC system running smoothly and efficiently all year long.

How do I know if the unit I have is sufficient for my house?

Our technicians can determine what size unit you should have for your home by determining how many square feet your home is and determining some other facts such as windows and vaulted ceilings. Some customers think if they go bigger than what is recommended that their system will but it will actually deliver less comfort and cost more to operate. The unit will run more frequently which will use way more energy.

What is a SEER rating?

A SEER rating is a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. This is the ratio of the cooling output of an air conditioner over a typical cooling season, divided by the energy it uses in Watt-hours.

The higher the SEER Rating, the more efficient your system is. Most older systems are rated at around 8 or 9 SEER and currently the minimum rating is 13 SEER.

What is the difference between single stage and two stage operations?

The single stage only works on one level of operation and the two stage will work at two levels. The two stage operations will work on high for hot summer days/extremely cold winter days and low stage for milder days when you don’t need as much cooling/heating.

How can I increase the efficiency of my HVAC system without replacing?

Make sure to check and/or replace your furnace filter every 30 days. A dirty filter can make your system work harder than it should which is going to use more energy.